In General, The Pitch Of The Roof Is Limited During The Winter Months.

Ask the Expert: What do I need to know about cleaning my deck? STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Located in Huguenot, this 5,720-square-foot, multi-family, Tudor-style home is Home improvement Staten Island located on a dead-end block at 445 Powell Street.It is priced at $1,599,000.The five-bedroom, five-bathroom residence has "top-of-the-line amenities including teak floors, mahogany doors, a two-story turret-style entry foyer and a hydro-heating system," as listed on listing on Staten Island Multiple Listing Service at reports that the kitchen comes with with "high-end stainless steel appliances and a granite island, a family room with a wood burning fireplace, maid's quarters, newly renovated bathrooms and a master bedroom suite with spiral stairs to a finished attic."The finished basement features a wet bar, a theater and a gym, and the backyard has a two-level deck with a hot tub and lush landscaping.The listing agent is RoseAngela Moore of Cangiano Estates, Ltd.(Courtesy Staten Island Board of Realtors)( By Lana Seidman - NARI-HIC of Staten Island, Inc. What do I need to know about cleaning my deck?  Spring cleaning is not only for the inside of your home; it is necessary for the outside of your home, as well.  The mild days of the season provide the perfect weather to clean and prepare your deck for entertaining, or just relaxing with family.  Over time, dirt, mildew and algae growth can build up on the surface of your deck, especially if it has been a few years since you last cleaned it.  More so than rain, snow or extreme temperatures, UV rays from the sun harm and distress the decking materials.  Routine cleaning, and treating the surfaces of your deck will extend its life and provide long lasting beauty.  Although you do not have to power wash your deck every year, it is suggested that you create some sort of annual cleaning regimen. If you decide to take on this task yourself, it is important for you to do your homework about the type of decking materials you are working with.  You may have natural wood, like cedar or redwood, Staten island kitchen remodel or pressure treated wood, or a composite deck.  Each type of deck requires a different processes to clean and restore its appearance. Natural woods decks are the most demanding, requiring annual cleaning, and application of a new finish.  Pressure treated wood requires Home improvement Staten Island cleaning about every two to three years, but also needs the application of a new finish afterward.  Composite material decks do not require refinishing, but the materials are prone to mold and mildew and should be cleaned at least every few years. Many homeowners think that a power washer is the easiest way to clean their deck.  Although this process is quicker than cleaning your deck with a brush and good cleaning solution, a power washer can be harmful to your deck.  Improper use of a power washer can cause etching in your deck surface, or even worse, cause your deck to splinter.  It is important that you follow the instructions of the equipment, prior to its use and practice on an area that is inconspicuous or, use a professional. If you choose to power wash your deck, you should keep the nozzle at least 12 to 18 inches away from the surface, and work systematically.  Your strokes should be even and go from one end of the board to the other so that there are no patchy areas.  Because a power washer uses only water, it is harmless to any surrounding vegetation or pets. If using a power washer on a wooden deck, be prepared to remove all of the old finish and stain down to the bare wood, and then once completely dry, re-stain it.  Power washing your deck, and not re-staining it, will cause worse damage to the wood than if you never power washed it at all.  When applying the new stain, make sure you select a semi-transparent stain that sinks deep in to the wood.  A solid color stain is more like paint and is more apt to peel.  For a more natural stained look, a good heavy oil-based stain will provide a longer wear than a water-based product.  With any Staten island home renovations type of stain, it is important that you consult with a professional and do your homework before applying it.  Consult with your local paint store professional on the types of stain available on the market, as well as the types of applicators you should use.  Your results will vary based on the products you use, but most of the time the best way to apply a finish is with a brush to allow for complete coverage.

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